The final house on the ABQ Mid Mod Home Tour was in the Parkland Hills neighborhood, adjacent to Ridgecrest; an area with numerous parks & greenspaces. The home sat discreetly behind dense vegetation & opened up architecturally once inside. The classic Mid-Century hairpin-leg stands at the top of the water garden feature & supports the shady overhang, seen in both images above, with a roofline that juts out further than most other styles. The water garden is integral to connecting the inside--through the floor-to-ceiling windows--to nature outside, often a courtyard, which is a common Mid-Century Modern greenspace feature.

The Mid-Century Mod House Tour reminded me of the futuristic cartoon television show The Jetsons, which aired in the early 1960's & is a Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts dream: to be thrown hundreds of years into a future where Mid 19th Century Modern styles rule the land, & the skies, too. Below is an image from The Jetsons--Mr. Spacely's "old fishing cabin," a futuristic Mid Mod delight--taken from

Two other homes featured on the tour were a sweet Mossman in the NE Heights, & a great home in Netherwood Park--images here.