Sitting smack dab in the middle of the most populous area of New Mexico, the burgeoning metropolis of Albuquerque, the often sedate Village of Corrales still strives to retain it's rural character. The image above & below are examples of that tradition--this acequia is the Main Corrales Canal, which runs the length of the town along Loma Larga Road, & provides water via dozens of turnouts serving the many private farms. Acequias are community-operated canals that carry water from the river to the fields.Originally used in Spain, the idea migrated to the modern-day Southwest, & Northern NM specifically, around 400 years ago. Above is a padlocked gate-lock, opened only by the acequia Mayordomo; the canal was already running in mid-March, ready to irrigate the Corrales farmlands. For a more complex article about the small Village of Corrales, click here.