How to get there...Finding my way to the west side of the river was much easier than expected--I walked. On the east side of the Rio Grande, there is parking at the end of Gabaldon Place, in the north-of-Old Town Duranes neighborhood. From there, numerous easy walking/bike paths connect to the Rio Grande Valley State Park; you can walk up or down the river on the east side, or use the red-steel pedestrian bridge that runs alongside Interstate 40, to cross the river, above.

The West Bluff homes on the cliff can be seen as soon as you begin. The walking bridge is wide & distinct from the roadway bridge, so even with the roar of Coronado highway ever-present on one side of you, it's not intimidating. Turn toward the north as you walk & the marvelous Rio Grande stretches in front of you, with all the fiery foliage's fall colors on display.

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