MetroABQ Little Free Libraries


Little Free Libraries are sprouting up across the MetroABQ like never before. It's a trend that can already be seen across the country & around the world. Allowing free, 24-hour access to a rotating collection of books is a community benefit without parallel. I see readers of all ages exchanging books at these street-side libraries.

Living in Nob Hill, I catalogued their locations & have spread outward, creating a record of the little free libraries across the city. Having a book or two with me to contribute to the next little library I see has become a habit.

Below is a map of all the Little Free Libraries I've been able to locate, across the MetroABQ & even a little beyond. It is incomplete--if you spot one & want it added, please contact me with a photo of the little library & the nearest/closest two cross streets. Thx!

Below is a visual list so far...


MetroABQ NW Quadrant: 

Summer Ave & 7th St NW 87104


Granite Ave & 15th St NW 87104


Orchard Place & 15th St NW 87104


Orchard Place & 16th St NW 87104


Granite & 16th St NW 87104


Summer Ave & 15th St NW 87104


North Valley:

Solar Road at Alvarado Elementary School


Camino Español & 4th St NW


Los Tomases Dr & Bellamah Ave NW


Wild Things on 6th St & Kinley Ave NW


San Lorenzo Ave & 4th St NW 87107


La Luz Drive & San Lorenzo Ave NW 87107


Arvilla Ave & 12th St NW


Garden Park Circle & 14th St NW 87107


Indian Farm Lane south of Candelaria Road NW


Don Onofre Trail west of Rio Grande Blvd NW 


Guadalupe Trail & Pedros Place NW


Vista Grande Place NW 87120


La Luz del Oeste NW Poolside 87120


Bixby Ave & Burkett Road NW 87120


MetroABQ SE Quadrant:

Dakota St & Bell Ave SE


Monroe St & Southern Ave SE 87108


Pampas Place & Quincy St SE


Jefferson and Pershing SE 87108


See below...

Pershing & Ridgecrest SE 87108 (Two images)


Carlisle Place and Parkland Circle SE 87108


Carlisle Place and Hermosa SE 87108


Monterrey & Vassar SE 87106


Ernie Pyle Public Library on Girard at Santa Monica Ave SE


Linda Vista & Richmond Dr. SE 87106


Vista Larga & Stanford SE 87106


Monterrey & Burton SE 87106


Silver Ave & Sierra Dr SE 87108



Silver Ave at Carlisle -- the Little Free Pantry in front of the John Gaw Meem-designed Immanuel Presbyterian Church Sanctuary


On Silver east of Carlisle Blvd SE



Amherst St & Coal Ave SE


Tulane Drive between Lead and Coal Avenues SE


Dartmouth Drive between Silver & Lead Avenues SE


Buena Vista & Eton SE 87106


Amherst & Santa Clara SE 87106


Princeton & Santa Cruz SE 87106 See below...

Activity at Princeton Community Little Free Library, Princeton & Santa Cruz SE 


Aliso Dr. & Silver Ave SE 87108


Richmond Dr. & Silver Ave SE 87106


MetroABQ NE Quadrant:

Copper & Washington NE 87108


Chula Vista & Marquette Ave NE


Marquette Ave & Sierra Place NE 87108


Amherst & Marmac NE 87106


Calle del Sol & Mountain NE 87106


Calle del Ranchero & Aspen Ave NE


Hastings Dr and Calle del Ranchero NE


Monte Vista Bermuda Triangle Business NE -- in The Shoppe restaurant


Amherst & Campus Blvd NE - In the Monte Vista Triangle


Monte Vista Blvd at Berkeley Place NE


Hermosa & Hidden (McDuffie) Park NE 87106


Hidden Park aka McDuffie Park 87108


Aspen & Morningside NE 87106


Princeton & Hannett NE 87106


Princeton Drive & Constitution Rd NE 87106


Dartmouth Drive & Mountain Road NE


Richmond & Constitution Rd NE 87106


Montclaire & Ridgeley NE 87110


Altura Ave & Washington St NE 87108


Wellesley Drive & Berkeley Place NE 87106


Jefferson Middle School & Girard NE 87106


Princeton Court & Princeton Drive NE 87106


Wolters Place & Rita Drive NE 87106


Rita Drive & Wolters Place NE


Calle del Ranchero & Aspen Ave NE


Marble Ave & Summit Drive NE


Princeton at Haines NE 87106


Madison & Copper NE 87108


Mackland & Washington NE 87108


Royene & Jefferson NE 87108


Girard & Wilson NE 87106


Constitution Ave & Lafayette Drive NE 87106


Dartmouth Drive & Euclid Ave NE


Cutler Ave & Stanford Drive NE 87106


Stanford Drive & Vista Larga Ave NE 87106


Uptown Neighborhoods North NE:

Hannett Ave & Hoffman Dr NE 87110


Robin Ave & Hoffman Drive NE


Northridge Avenue & Northridge Court NE 87109


Hermanson Place & Hendrix Ave NE


Los Arboles Ave & San Pedro Dr NE -- In Quigley Park


Capitan Ave & Palomas Park Ave NE


Avenida Nevada & Wisconsin St NE


MetroABQ Sandia Heights NE:

Sandia Heights Place & Tramway Road NE 87122


Corrales NM 87144:

Jones Road & Corrales Road at Acequia, Corrales 87048


Rio Rancho NM 87144:

Demavend Road and Nagoya Road NE, Rio Rancho NM 87144


University & 5th St Las Vegas, NM 87701



SOMOS Taos on Civic Plaza Road, Taos NM 87571