Welcome to Netherwood Park, a pie-slice-shaped pocket neighborhood that stretches from Carlisle Blvd & Indian School Road, to University Blvd, on the north side of the UNM Golf Course.

The North Diversion Channel Bike Path runs along the west side of the neighborhood. The path begins at the center of UNM & runs north along the arroyo, zigzagging a bit near Netherwood Park, comfortably dipping underneath the Montgomery/Montaño arterials, before heading straight up past Balloon Fiesta Park & Tramway Blvd, at the north city limit with the Sandia Reservation.

That North Diversion Channel arroyo (& dedicated bike path) serves an essential purpose. From Weston Solutions site: the channel, "collects and conveys over 50 square miles of rural and urban watershed in Albuquerque and discharges a design peak flow of 44,000 cubic feet per second to the Rio Grande through three water quality structures referred to as the bathtub."

Netherwood Park is the adjacent neighborhood to the North Diversion Channel & bike path. The arroyo & path were created by berming the earth, forming a large hill that separates the path from the residential neighborhood... This created a semi-private neighborhood, with a large hill on two adjacent sides. Welcome to Netherwood Park, a community created mostly during the Mid-Century Modern housing boom.

A fantastic example of a Mid-Century Modern home is at 1907 Richmond Drive NE. See it here.

At the conjunto between Netherwood Park & the arroyo/path, at the terminus of Princeton Drive, sits the Princeton Basin, an overflow area during storms. The MetroABQ One Percent For Art organization installed steel public art benches & artwork on the barriers to that space. One is seen far above & a few below.