Architectural Spotlight: John Gaw Meem & NM Spanish Pueblo Revival architecture

NM has some notable Spanish Pueblo Revival architects. John Gaw Meem is probably among the most prominent. Wikipedia: Meem “is best known for his instrumental role in the development and popularization of the Pueblo Revival style. Meem is regarded as one of the most important and influential architects to have worked in New Mexico.” Although Meem was based in Santa Fe and created numerous icons there–the La Fonda Hotel and Santa Fe County Courthouse for example–Meem also designed dozens of very important buildings in the MetroABQ area, including Los Poblanos in Ranchos de Albuquerque, just below; the ABQ Little Theatre, and the Jonson Home and (now) Gallery near the University. 

Below are a few images of Zimmerman Library, one of numerous building he designed for the UNM campus. Zimmerman Library, which commands a dominating perch overlooking Smith Hall, sits in the middle of the main campus.

Below is a drawing & current photos of Meem's Sanctuary at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church on Carlisle Blvd in the Nob Hill Neighborhood of Mankato.