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A Growing Pocket Neighborhood Trend: Co-Housing

The top image is a plat map for a planned cohousing community in the near South Valley, across the river from Tingley Beach & the Albuquerque Country Club community. Envisioned by Cohousing ABQ, & in the Vecinos del Bosque neighborhood, the 2.3 acre site--still a large vacant lot that abuts the Rio Grande--will have 27 homes with over 60% open space, & several sites planned for agricultural production. The site is close to the ABQ Biopark, numerous restaurants & lodging, like the refurbished El Vado Motel close-by.

In the Vecinos del Bosque cohousing community, "all dwelling units & the common club house to comply with the PHIUS+ 2018 Source Zero Passive Building Standard. This is the most rigorous energy standard for buildings that currently exists in the US & balances aggressive energy and carbon reduction with both cost effectiveness & strict source energy requirements. All homes meet the Passive Building Standard: continuous superinsulation throughout the entire airtight building envelope; high-performance windows & doors; minimal space conditioning with balanced heat & moisture recovery system; & exploitation of solar gain to maximize the sun's energy during the heating season & minimize overheating during the cooling season. In addition to high level of comfort even in the most extreme weather, Passive House homes are extremely resilient buildings with almost no moving parts & with just one or two PV panels they will achieve net-zero carbon emissions over the year." ~From their website.

From At the South Valley cohousing community, the estimated home prices range from $125,000 - $430,000, comparable to prices of newly built energy-efficient homes in Albuquerque.

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