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So, you are considering selling your house. If it’s been a while since you last put a house on the market, well, times have changed. Information, the market, and marketing are all very different than they once were.

What a seller needs to know before listing a house has changed, the type of market many folks had been used to for decades has changed, and how all this information is marketed to the best advantage has also changed.

In preparing to sell your house and property, use a Guide who is familiar with these myriad changes, and who can seamlessly walk you through the complicated process.

‍Below are some helpful tabs to get you started. Remember, if you have any questions about the process, I’m only a phone call or email/text away!

Preparing To List Your Home

Marketing: How I Will Sell Your Home

The market has changed drastically during the last decade: title companies, mortgage lenders & appraisals are now tightly regulated; many real estate companies have merged & consolidated, many have grown & are prospering.

Marketing has changed, too & Chris has evolved with it:

  • Chris & his assistants utilize the most up-to-date 3-D home mapping equipment--the six-lens Matterport 3-D Virtual Walking Tour camera--to provide the best 3-D Tour of your home. He also creates 2-D Visual Tours through Paradym Home Tours; both of these virtual tours are featured in dozens of online locations, including the MetroABQ Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia,,,, Chris Lucas' websites, Re/Max company websites & dozens more. Within about a month, over 200 websites will be featuring your home & property.
  • Extensive Online Marketing: Twice-weekly blog posts bring folks back to the website regularly; monthly newsletters focus on property listings & interesting real estate-related information. The newsletters are sent to several thousand recipients & also posted online.
  • Flyers help sell homes; unfortunately many agents have stopped using them. Chris creates Flyers that Excite! Buyers often zigzag through neighborhoods & pass by specific homes they are interested in; they will always be able to grab a dynamic flyer from in front of your home.
  • is a user-friendly website that features Chris' properties for sale, extensive searches throughout the MetroABQ including all Open Houses listed each week, blog posts, Buyer & Seller tools, and a Resources page of helpful links.
  • Open Houses: Open Houses expose more folks to a property; the more information in the hands of the buying public, generally the faster the home will sell. Chris holds Open Houses each week when possible. They are advertised extensively online & in the Friday Journal real estate listings; they are also listed as the first Open House in the Open Houses tab on the website.
  • Realtor Tours bring agents from the busy Re/Max Select office to the property, where they discuss selling strategies and challenges with each home. Chris also includes the property in other organized realtor tours, so the information is again as widely distributed to as many agents as possible.
  • Talk with Chris about his marketing strategies--they are changing with the changing times.

My neighbor’s house sold for what?

Sold or Pending Homes Request-for-Information: What did my neighbors down the street sell their house for? As New Mexico is a “Non-Disclosure” state, there is no public record of Sold or currently Pending homes. Contact me and I will look up the final sales price of any home in the MetroABQ, and provide any other information about the home that you may want.

Search MetroABQ properties now.

MetroABQ Resources

Below are helpful downloadable documents and Links to some of what the Greater Albuquerque area has to offer. The list is ever expanding, so stop back from time to time to discover more. If you come across a great link or document that you would like to see here, send me an email.

Mortgage Calculator & Rates

Remember, if you have questions about obtaining a mortgage, or about current interest rates, I am only a phone call or email/text away.

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