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ABQ Mid Mod Home Tour Spotlight: A North Campus Mid Mod Treat

The fourth stop on the ABQ Mid Mod Home Tour was to a North Campus neighborhood near Indian School Road. It featured a stunning home & property: to get inside, you cross a steel bridge over a rather utilitarian moat, seen above. The folks crossing & hanging out on the bridge provide good context for the size of the moat.

Below are three scenes facing the home from the garden-terraced backyard & one from in the living room; more floor-to-ceiling windows & wood ceiling beams. There is great perspective in the second image below, which shows the dual-levels of the home--the person standing in the middle of the image on the right-hand-side provides context for the enormity of the space.

This is where the Mid Mod Tour started

The frenetic bathroom wallpaper design & the cool elevated window succulent garden, below, were some interior design features that stood out. Another was the unique wood inlaid into a cork flooring design, below those.

Near the entry, more wood-beam ceilings, & a great pendant globo hanging above the stairwell, below, with alternating window textures that frame the tree outside, below.

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