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Altura (Park) Part II

Mead Penhall House
Mead Penhall Indoor Outdoor Space

The Greater Altura area consists of many architectural styles–I count at least eight.

Above are two images of Bart Prince’s Altura East Post Modern experience: the Mead-Penhall House. I was lucky to tour the property and allowed to take photos. It is a unique and beautiful creation, aligned with the equinox and with stunning views…

Directly below is what I call a Mid-Century Modern Revival: originally a Mid-Century home, Modulus Design updated it for the times, opening up rooms inside for more space & cladding the outside in metal.

Altura Mid-Century Modern Revival

Below is amod Modernist designed home, with it’s next door neighbor the Italianate style home, one of many unique residential designed homes in the greater Altura neighborhood.

Altura Addn Modernist
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