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Angel Fire's Fabulous Expressionist Memorial

The Angel Fire Memorial also shares numerous features with a stunning Expressionist-style Mid-Century Modern work of architectural art, that sits a bit closer to home. The famous Flatow & Moore designed St. Paul's Episcopal Church building, above, has been standing sentry smack in the middle of the MetroABQ for fifty years, at Indian School Road & University Blvd. If you like brick as a dramatic building material, the church's brick expressionism design, both inside & out, will make you happy. Images below.

What these three New Mexico sites also have in common is their age: they were all built right around the turn of the 1970's, when the sleek expressionist architectural style was more prevalent. Envisioned for different reasons, & miles apart across Northern New Mexico, these landmarks further the idea of architecture as works of art...another reason to love this place.

More images here.