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Architectural Spotlight: Bart Prince's MetroABQ Homes

Bart Princes Scherger/Kolberg House east of Tramway near the Sandia Mountains Open Space.

In the MetroABQ, we are very fortunate to have numerous varieties of housing styles to live in. There is Ranch, Spanish Pueblo Revival, Tudor, Territorial, Mediterranean, Mid-Century Modern, Streamline Moderne, Craftsman, Bungalow, Victorian, Colonial, a Log Cabin or two, at least one converted Water Tank, Southwest Vernacular, Rammed Earth, Contemporary, Post-Modern and more. All this, and the MetroABQ has the organic quirky structures of world-renowned architect and UNM professor Bart Prince.

Above are the Parsifal Townhomes near the intersection of Eubank and Montgomery. I worked with a friend to purchase one recentlytheir inside proportions reflect the same exterior design: sharp corners and organic curves. They are deceptively spacious. Below: an Altura Park creation with incredible mountain views.

Above is the Mead-Penhall House, a Bart Prince creation in Altura Park. Below, in Nob Hill, east of the UNM Campus, are three Bart Prince-designed buildings on Monte Vista Blvd. Directly below is his home and studio. 

Above is his personal residence. Directly below is what I call the Jor-El house, a Prince-designed creation set atop a 50-year-old South West Vernacular-style house and nicely/mysteriously obscured somewhat behind tall pines.

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