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Bear Canyon Arroyo Public Art & The John B Robert Dam & Spillway

The varied art installations across the MetroABQ can be subtle.

Hiking along the paths between Juan Tabo & Tramway Blvds in the Bear Cañon Open Space Arroyo, you see the Bear Canyon Bears playing on the rocks from far away, above. The Osos del Cañon, above, by sculpture Reynaldo Rivera, have been spending time there for over 25 years. The three bears can also be seen driving past the arroyo along Tramway Blvd.

The Bear Cañon Arroyo was carved out between the Foothills communities of High Desert & Glenwood Hills & shunts millions of gallons of runoff rainwater from the Sandia Mountains. The John B Robert Dam & Spillway, which sits at the mouth of the arroyo at Juan Tabo Blvd, is the first flood control barrier to slow the surging waters. The dam & spillway, below, seem to function additionally as large-scale unintentional architectural-art objects.

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