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Nimoy The Wolf from WSWS

Nimoy The Wolf from WSWS

Below are two wolves I sponsored in 2017 at New Mexico’s greatest wildlife refuge: the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, NM. I learned about the Wolf Sanctuary, an hour drive southwest of Grants, years ago while looking for a New Mexico adventure for out-of-state friends, and have been watching their progress for over two decades. Each year I sponsor two Rescues–in 2016 two mid-content wolf/dog rescues, Nazareth and Nimoy, were sponsored. With each sponsorship I collect a magnet with my wolf on it, seen at bottom.

I like to sponsor the UnderDogs–the rescues with the fewest number of sponsors. Silva got my attention this year.


From the WSWS website: Sometime in late October, we received word of five high-content wolf-dogs in a desperate situation in Washington State. Their owner, who had been breeding and selling wolf-dogs, had been given a court-appointed guardian who sought help in placing the animals. After their owner was taken to a rehab facility, the animals were left unattended on the property with only a part time caretaker visiting for feeding a few days a week. Within days of being left alone on the property, all five escaped their poorly constructed enclosures. Angel traveled to Washington and met up with Brennan to see if they could reclaim the five animals and bring them to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Out of the five, only Silva was recaptured, despite our best efforts. It is assumed that the remaining four were killed. Silva arrived safely at the Sanctuary after a long flight to New Mexico.

All photos are from the photographers at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Website, including my Wolf Sponsorship Magnet…


Wild spirit Wolf Sanctuary New Guinea Singing Dog

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Reba a New Guinea Singing Dog


From the WSWS website: On October 13th, 2010, 68 New Guinea Singing Dogs were found being illegally kept at a kennel in Pennsylvania. The kennel was allowed to keep ten, while the rest were sent to various rescue facilities.

Many went to a rescue in Arizona, including Foxy,Bowie, Princess, Reba and Bono, and stayed there for a few months. The owner of the rescue decided she couldnt care for so many animals, and asked if we could help.

The five used to all live together until Foxy kicked the girls, Reba and Princess, out of their habitat. Then, almost two years later, she and Bowie kicked Bono out, so that they may have the habitat to themselves.

Bono has since been moved in with the girls and we continue to monitor the energy levels of all of the super-energetic New Guinea Singing Dogs in an effort to preempt any more issues.

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