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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Nazareth Mid-Content Wolf/Dog

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Nazareth Mid-Content Wolf/Dog

Mid Content Wolf Dog


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Nimoy Mid-Content Wolf/Dog

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Nimoy Mid-Content Wolf/Dog


Above are two wolves I sponsored in 2016 at New Mexico’s greatest wildlife refuge: the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, NM. I learned about the Wolf Sanctuary, a two-hour drive southwest of Grants, years ago while looking for a New Mexico adventure for out-of-state friends, and have been watching their progress for over two decades. Each year I sponsor two wolves–in 2016 it was two mid-content wolf/dogs, named Nazareth and Nimoy. With each sponsorship I collect a magnet with my wolf on it, seen at bottom.

I like to sponsor the UnderDogs–the rescues with the fewest number of sponsors. This year Nazareth was my favorite. The Sanctuary says of him: “We’re still getting to know Nazareth but for sure we can say he is a bit of a grumpy guy that shows no interest in meeting strangers.” At a wonderfully old age of probably 12 years, he has had a long and interesting life so far. He does show a lot of affection for his sister, Angel, both seen together below. Nimoy, my second 2016 sponsor, is handsome and from Oregon; I loved the Star Trek series, so I was very excited to adopt Nimoy last year…

All photos are from the photographers at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Website, including my Wolf Sponsorship Magnet…

From the Website:

The History of Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. Old-timers tell the story of a New Mexico homesteader who was making a little moonshine on his ranch during the days of prohibition. Making this illegal liquor takes sugar, but the government kept a close eye on folks buying sugar in large amounts. The rancher came up with the clever plan to make and sell pinion nut candy as a front for his moonshine production. Local patrons came to get candy over the counter and “candy” under the counter. Soon, the homestead became known as “The Candy Kitchen” and the name stuck. Today, Candy Kitchen, New Mexico is a small mountain community that is home to over 300 residents and 50 wolves and wolf-dogs.

Nearly 60 years after Candy Kitchen, New Mexico, was founded, artist Jacque Evans purchased the abandoned ranch to be her home. Jacque had a great love for wolves and wolf-dogs and became aware of the increasing number of unwanted animals and their special needs. She realized her land could become a refuge and opened her life and home to the animals. In 1991, Jacque founded “The Candy Kitchen Wolf and Wolf-dog Rescue Ranch” and supported animal rescues by selling her artwork. News of Jacque’s devotion to the animals quickly spread, and soon, the rescue ranch began to expand.

Barbara Berge was rescuing wolf-dogs in Albuquerque and met Jacque through a rescued animal named Sable in June of 1992. Realizing a common dream, Barbara moved to Candy Kitchen in 1993 to help Jacque transform her rescue ranch into a non-profit organization.

In October 2003, Candy Kitchen Rescue went through reorganization and became Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. At this time, Leyton Cougar took over the position of Executive Director.

Nazareth and Angel

2016 Sponsor Nazareth and his sister Angel, right

Recently from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary website:


e couldnt be more thrilled to announce that world-famous, award-winning fantasy writer,

George R. R. Martin

and his wife Parris, have named our Iowa 10 rescues! The Martins took time out of their seriously busy lives to personally name our ten wolf-dogs after the five dire wolves and five main characters from Mr. Martins book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The genius world created in his books has now brilliantly come alive in the HBO series, Game of Thrones. This wildly popular series is now in its third season, and recently won the British version of the Emmy awards. We cant tell you how honored we are to have our rescued wolf family become a part of this truly epic creation. The Martins are long time supporters of WSWS, and last year, they raised over $200,000 for us with an exclusive offering from

George R. R. Martin


Read about The Westeros Pack

Sponsorship Magnet

Sponsorship Magnet (Nazareth–such a sweety…)

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