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Evolving Nob Hill

The Carlisle, a day before the arson...

The Carlisle, above and below.

The Carlisle before the fire...

The Carlisle before the fire…34 luxury residences on the corner of Carlisle and Central Ave in the heart of Nob Hill. A fire brought it down, but it is rebuilding…

Originally touted as a “move out of the low zone and up to the ozone,” Nob Hill was an early suburb. Now centrally located in the UrbanABQ Core & one of the best walkable areas in the MetroABQ, Nob Hill is evolving:

Over the last 10 years, many of the newer infill residences being built around Nob Hill’s Central Avenue Corridor are incorporating courtyards & balconies into each unit, allowing for shared & private outside garden areas & more natural light into the home.

The Carlisle–Developer Kenny Hinkes said there was an under-utilized niche in Nob Hill, so he envisioned The Carlisle. “In Albuquerque it’s hard to move down in size, without moving down in lifestyle,” he said. “Albuquerque has very few high quality small spaces.” Above is an interior view of the 3rd floor elevated Penthouse walkways.

Homes at The Carlisle are reasonably & modestly sized: two bedrooms & two baths at 1135sqft is a typical condo size…Give or take a bedroom and a few squarefeet, that is generally the size of the single-family houses built around Nob Hill over the last 100 years. Below, right, is a drawing of the Penthouse elevated walkway & balcony gardens–the same ‘under construction’ image far above.

The Carlisle Nob Hill Rendition

The above rendition is from

Green is the new Gold (Standard). I appreciate many of the smart Green features incorporated into The Carlisle. According to Hinkes, many apartment-style buildings are large rectangles with a central staircase leading to the apartments on each side. The problem with that model is the central hallway linking the condo entrances has no natural light. The Carlisle is a large U- shaped building, “split in two,” opening the interior to bright en plein air courtyards.

The Carlisle in Nob Hill, from

The Carlisle in Nob Hill, from

Other Green features include a rooftop solar array to offset the monthly HOA fee; electric stubbed out in the underground parking garage for eventual electric car charging stations; ductless HVAC ‘on- demand’ system with three zones, so the heat and cooling in each part of the home can be regulated for better energy efficiency; efficient LED lighting in public areas. Hinkes explained that the #1 issue folks have with condos is noise from neighboring units, so he had installed triple-pane windows and double-walled construction, which helps damper the sound between the units; however, that is not the best part: The Carlisle uses a product called Acoustiblock which is a dense rubbery material that effectively stops sound before it vibrates the structure. According to Hinkes, it’s the best sound barrier available.

Nob Hill's Newest Condo Complex

Nob Hill’s Newest Condo Complex. Above is an interior view of the ground-level interior courtyard.

The top photo was taken the day before the fire at The Carlisle. The builder, Kenny Hinkes, is far along in the re-building stage, promising to make it even better the second time…more on The Carlisle as it rises again.

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