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Evolving Nob Hill Part Two

Richmond St Studios

Over the last 10 years, many of the newer infill residences being built around Nob Hill’s Central Avenue Corridor are incorporating courtyards & balconies into each unit, allowing for shared & private outside garden areas & more natural light into the home. Below is a sleek new apartment design in Upper Nob Hill near Central & Morningside, developed by Nob Hill resident Rob Strell. They include generous 2nd & 3rd floor cantilevered balcony spaces in four Tetris-style stand-alone buildings, with off-street parking. Nob Hill is evolving–these infill complexes are part of the evolution.

Evolving Nob Hill...

On major transit corridors, surrounded by historic Evolving Nob Hill homes and businesses, and among wonderful shops
and restaurants, Nob Hill is more important than ever before: as the MetroABQ grows and matures, more infill housing opportunities are becoming available.

Award-winning Richmond Street Studios, the top image and immediately below, includes covered pedestrian & auto passage access to the courtyard for the eight units.

Richmond Street Studios Front

The Place in Nob Hill on Central Ave, below, has 27 high-end two-story condos with a central elevator, each unit with dramatic balcony views facing North & South. It was among the first multi-unit complexes in the Nob Hill area, replacing a vacant lot.

The Place in Nob Hill

Platinum Luxury Apartments, below–finished & under construction–is LEED Platinum certified and also includes balconies.

Platinum Complex
Platinum Complex

One Ten Richmond, below, is another infill project by Kenny Hinkes, billing itself as “a blend of mid-century modern and contemporary architecture.”

Evolving Nob Hill

The Upper Nob Hill Aliso Townhomes back up to Morningside Park & have great interior shared courtyards and balconies, two immediately below; & the Aliso II condos, across the street from Aliso One, is another Tetris- style project with plenty of surrounding greenspaces, bottom image.

Aliso Townhomes
Aliso Townhome Courtyard
Aliso Two Wide
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