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Four MetroABQ Grower's Markets: Downtown, Corrales, Los Ranchos & The Barelas Rail Yards

Four Growers Markets To Check Out
It's that time of year for fresh food, grown regionally, by local farmers. The Growers Markets are always a great destination, for more than just fruits & vegetables. Stop by one of them & experience a connection to food, people & places. Bring a bag.

Downtown: Above is a scene of a local greenhouse selling various plant starts at the Downtown Grower's Market, one of largest outdoor growers markets in the state. It's open Saturdays from 8-Noon until mid-fall;arriving earlier is better. There is often groovy live music & random activities like yoga throughout the market.


The Corrales Growers Marketis bustling Sundays from 9-Noon. Extremely local food from the pastures & dairies in & around the quaint Village of Corrales makes this market stand out.The Corrales Winter Market is a good event to remember during the colder months; it's open the first Sunday from 11-1p, from December through April. They also have special Holiday Markets before Thanksgiving & the Christmas holiday.

Los Ranchos:

The Los Ranchos Growers Market sits just east of the Rio Grande River, along Rio Grande Blvd in the North Valley. It's generally a low-key market in a picturesque, fabulously lush part of the Metro. The Los Ranchos Arts & Crafts Market runs concurrently & is also located at the Los Ranchos community center. Both runSaturdays from 8-Noon.

Barelas Rail Yards:

The Barelas Rail Yards is a pretty amazing place, & becoming more interesting as more work is completed. Above is a scene from one of the Winter Holiday markets. During the rest of the year starting in May, the Rail Yards Market is open Sundays, from 10-2p. It's usually packed with people, so expect to wait in line a bit to get in.The Barelas Rail Yards is a great place to go to see a concert, buy local food & crafts, or just wander around (where allowed) & explore, below...

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