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What is a Quoth Stone

Glancing at different front-yard landscapes in the neighborhood, I fleetingly noticed writing on a rock. Easy to miss, it blended into the other rocks. I doubled back to the rock-swale and read: Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein


It was a polished river rock QuothStone, discretely placed on a Nob Hill property near the Elevation Children’s Center pre-school, to be seen–or not–by passersby. Another sat in a small rock pile on an adjacent street near Bart Princes eclectic Spaceship House & Studio, and there was a third QuothStone a block further, indiscreetly placed next to a street sign.

Nob Hill is 100 years old this year!


The mystery and amazement contained in the approximately 125 blocks that make up this cool group of neighborhoods is still apparentfrom creatively modern & beautifully historic homes, to important & unique businesses. I always marvel at the gorgeous houses seen here as I run errands around the neighborhood.

Recently Ive found myself also looking down at the rocks, anticipating the next imaginative thing Nob Hill has to offer.

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