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Historic Homes in the DNA

From Historic Homes in the DNA: "The R.A. Kistler House (above), 1301 Fruit Avenue NW. Built in 1907, this house is an excellent example of Colonial Revival styling with its symmetrical design. At one-&-a-half stories, it sits under a gable roof with enclosed soffits & a small, lower side gable projecting from the northeast corner. R.A. Kistler, president of Kistler/Collister, an important Albuquerque clothing store lived there from 1912 through the 1940s."

Below are two more showpiece named homes in proximity to Mary Fox Park. Info is from the Historic Houses in the DNA pamphlet:

The Connor House, just below, built 1910, is a "good example of Prairie School Styling." As I am not very familiar with that design, I had to look up the Prairie School Style. In line with creative color combos, the grande home sports purple fascia & beams, yellow soffits, burgundy porch trim & even what looks like aquamarine front stone steps.

Further below, the three-story Hesselden House is just west of 12th St on Roma Ave. Built in 1882, it is a semi-rare-for-NM Italianate style home, formerly a duplex. At three stories & built with impressive almost seemingly wavy red sandstone, the owners still included primary colors red, blue & (two) yellow(s), for the wood trim, brackets, gables, soffits, & other details. The more one gazes at the Hesselden House, the more details come out.

Below is the Downtown Neighborhoods Association's Historic Homes of the DNA map, which shows the historic districts mentioned above. The booklet is an invaluable MetroABQ historic homes resource.


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