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Huning Highlands & EDo -- What's in Which?

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Huning Highlands is the original neighborhood name, based on where Franz Huning created the MetroABQ's 1st subdivision: initially called "Huning's Highland."

Over the years & especially more recently, the commercial vein that runs through the neighborhood has become more dense, especially after the Old Albuquerque High School was converted to condos. The higher density area, with live/work spaces & new shops, is called EDo, or East Downtown. You can see it here.

EDo lives along the Route 66 Mother Road, & is also one of the frequented neighborhoods for Mural Fest, the eponymous yearly event. Hotel Parq Central sits on the eastern edge of both EDo & Huning Highlands. Below are other images from the EDo area of the Huning Highlands neighborhood. The Albuquerque Old Main Library is two images below.

The last image is the massive Greek Orthodox Church, which sits on another eastern boundary of the neighborhood, between Lead & Coal Avenues.

A Huning Highlands/EDo self-guided walking tour is easy--just get yourself to the neighborhood.


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