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Huning Highlands Historic Homes: A Stone "Bodega"

Things are happening in Huning Highlands. Part of the Huning Highlands Historic Mother's Day Home Tour included this former local market, above. The home is an under-re-construction stone building in the north section of the neighborhood. The dramatic stone faade building, which has an uncommon stone-brick cap, sits on a corner & was a busy market over a century ago; then it was a soda bottling plant. It is currently being re-modeled & re-commissioned as updated living spaces; we were able to go inside despite the construction zone, image two below.

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Turn 180 degrees from the stone building so you're facing west: Downtown is in front of you. From there, you're standing between the ABQ High Gym Lofts complex on the left, & the Bel Vedere townhome complex to the right, seen below. That's the western edge of Huning Highlands.

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