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MetroABQ Infill Takes Many Forms

Infill Takes Many Forms

Two other significant infill projects are seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum, but both serve important housing needs.

On the edge of historic Spruce Park, just west of the UNM Campus, six new efficiency studio apartments are about to come on-line, seen above. Filling in after a house was torn down there, the likely student residents will live in under 500sqft units each, with zero lot-line homes: their walls touch the walls of the units next door on each side, like townhomes & condos.

Six brand new, probably temporary, homes for folks to live in while they study at the University is the highest-&-best use for that small lot. Dozens of similarly small infill projects are occurring in other areas of the urbanABQ section of our city.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the city...Up in the far NE Heights there is a lot of home-building taking place. The area north of Paseo del Norte is called NorthABQ Acres & custom luxury homes are being built there at a phenomenal pace. Make no mistake about it: everywhere one looks in our sprawling city, you will see homes being built; a clear housing & construction boom.To balance out the area, another form of housing that is sorely needed along thePaseo del Norte Corridor is apartment living. Enter Titan Development, creating a wine-themed apartment complex, replete with grape arbors, wine tasting rooms, & perhaps grape-themed wallpaper alongthe hallways...At 111 apartments, the Allaso Vineyards is a big project in an almost unlikely place: on one side are large & pricey single-familyNorthABQ Acres homes, & the other side are large commercial spaces, including Trader Joe's & Albertson's grocery stores, below. It's a perfect place for 200-300 new people to live; walkable to many things, close to needed amenities, plus public transportation & major employers nearby.That infill project is another way the MetroABQ is welcoming folks to our city--one apartment or one cliffside modern mansion at a time...

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