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Metal Roofs: Green Environmentally & Saves Green


Metal Roofs: Of all the roof-topping materials available, I believe metal roofs are the best for our climate & they last the longest; Las Vegas New Mexico has them everywhere...Victorian homes with metal roofs are new to me & a very welcome addition. Petro-chemical-created tar shingles are not green & should be obsolete. Metal shingles are lighter, reflect sunlight better & do not break down like tar shingles. Plus, metal does not hold/absorb water like shingles can.

The image above & two below are from the town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, home of 900+ buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. I visited the town almost 30 years ago & have been going back ever since.

In the MetroABQ, the Landmarks & Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC) has finally accepted metal shingles for use in our historic overlay zone homes. Another good reason to love this place.


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