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MetroABQ Greenspaces -- Altura Park

You have got to love the MetroABQ!

We live in the high desert, yet we still rank 15th for the most parklands and greenspaces per person, out of the 60 largest cities in the country. Northeast of the University of New Mexico, Altura Park, below, is one of the most utilized parks in the UrbanABQ part of the city.

Altura Park is pie-wedge shaped and is surrounded by mostly mid-century homes, with a few classic Spanish Pueblo Revivalsa John Gaw Meem-designed property sits on the parkand more modern homes infilled or updated over the yearssee Modulus Design. It has a full-size playing field, tennis courts, 6.2 acres of mature greenspace, and interesting Public Art thrown in for good measure.
The Three Guardians image, above, was created by renowned New Mexican artist Nora Naranjo-Morse, and was inspired by the land, the people and the architecture of the Altura Park community. They are now part of the growing ABQ Public Art collection. The Three Guardians image was taken during a rare MetroABQ morning fog in Altura Park.

Numerous Mid-Century Modern Residential Architecture

Altura Park is close to the UNM North Campus neighborhoods, an area with numerous small and large parks, including the Del Sol (Twin) Parks, Spruce Park, Netherwood Park, the Urban Forest Park, Summit Park, McDuffie (Hidden) Park, Bataan Memorial Park, and the UNM North Golf Course, with walking trails that surround the golf course. Altura Park is also steps from some of the nicest homes in the area.

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