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MetroABQ Growers Markets Theyre Here!

Burque Bakehouse

It’s that time again: Growers Markets in the MetroABQ!

Summer is here…I’m thrilled that the very robust MetroABQ Growers Markets–spread liberally throughout the greater Metro area–are finally back, and apparently better than ever. See the Growers Markets List on pg 2.

These Growers Markets can satisfy the healthy in you throughout the week, providing almost anything you might need, directly from the farm/dairy/fromagerie/bakehouse/ candleshop/saponerie to you

I’m looking forward to custard Canneles from one of the most artistic bakehouses in the Metro–The Burque Bakehouse–run meticulously for years by Sara & Chris. Never heard of a Cannele? Now you have –stop by!

Red Tractor Farm

This year there are more farm-fresh fruit & vegetable stands than ever. My perennial favorite is Red Tractor Farm. Always abundant, fresh from the morning, tons of variety & scrumptiously tasty…


Again: you can find almost anything in the MetroABQ: An amazing–and unassuming–Growers Market find is Nocco, a hand-made pasta company that is not afraid to be creative. I love her new Cavatelli Pasta: they look like little seahorses and the pasta is made with just a little parmesan cheese…melts in the mouth…I can’t find a website for Nocco, so I linked to Hartford Square, a Downtown bistro that sells Nocco Pasta.

The Growers Markets are here… see you there!

Click here for a Map, Locations & Times for the Greater MetroABQ Growers Markets.

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