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MetroABQ Neighborhood Spotlight: The Van Cleave House in Spruce Park

The Van Cleave House

From the Spruce Park Centennial Historic Home Tour, May 2022

Sitting on a fifth of an acre corner lot, the adobe-built Van Cleave House (1927), below, is all windows & doors, light & airflow. There's also the screened-in front porch on the generally cooler north side, with an uncovered porch on each of the sides for more outdoor access.

Inside is pretty cool, too. The fireplace façade is made from terra cotta tile with Meso-American reliefs carved into many of them, above & below. Due to the fantastic glaze, the color on the tile itself seems to subtly change from one side to the other. There was some great door hardware there, too. The owner was nice to allow photos...

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