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MetroABQ New Homes Across The City -- Map

New Homes Across The City

The map below is a sampling of new residential construction projects across Metro. It includes large whole-neighborhood projects & some smaller, more custom homes. It is by no means definitive but does include most of the largest home-building companies, building the most number of newer homes in the state.

Locations of communities built by Pulte, DR Horton, Hakes Brothers, Twilight Homes, Ray Lee, Abrazo & Sun Valley Custom Homes are shown on the map, plus others. There are thousands of houses being built in these areas; whole communities are coming into being in places like Mariposa, Cherry Hills & Northern Meadows, Paradise Hills, The Petroglyph/Volcanic Cliffs areas, Taylor Ranch, Ladera Heights, Mesa del Sol, Volterra, & many areas in the Atrisco Heritage section of the SW Mesa. Dozens of new developments to's what two new neighborhoods look like.

The housing boom seems to includes incomes above a certain price-point.The cost of a new home varies wildly of course, but a modest new home now seems to begin over $300,000; most of the homes I saw started over a half a million dollars. Below are a few examples of them, two along the volcanic escarpment & one in Mariposa, originally an outlying community that now seems close, in Northern Rio Rancho.

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