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More North Valley Sculptures Along The Drainage Ditch


Along a drainage ditch in the North Valley, public sculptures...

"Quietly Here," installed along this mostly industrial corridor, is what caught my eye & made me stop. There are four installations between Montaño Blvd & Osuna Road.

Created by Russ Connell, the MetroABQ 1% For Public Art Collection installed it in 2019. The artist has quite a varied oeuvre--see more of his work.


"Grr-Hiss Masquerade," by Evelyn Rosenberg & Steve Borbas, is a whimsical metal sculpture on the west side of Second Street, standing at the corner of Willow Rd.

Walking around the piece is necessary, especially to see a fantastic blooming Desert Willow tree that seemed to frame the artwork well...

Apparently Evelyn Rosenberg, a rather unique local sculpture, enjoys using C4 explosives in the creation of her work. 

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