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Mural Fest '18: Map & Info

My favorite Mural Fest '18 mural, above.

Below is the mapped murals for this year's festival. The range is generally along Central Ave/Rt 66, from the edge of Old Town to the Nob Hill Neighborhoods.

The map below is purposely vague, often encouraging some exploration before you find the artwork--you'll likely pass the already dozens of other public art murals & some private property murals adorning large & small spaces along the way. It's all worth the effort...

Mural Fest '18 statement:

"This year's theme When Nature Calls brings focus to Planet Earths climate crisis and how it is affecting all life on this floating rock we call home. From California being on fire to Houston, Puerto Rico & Hawaii drowning in water and lava to New Mexico facing one of the worst droughts in history - we felt a need to bring our world community together through murals, music and culinary arts to highlight solutions we can all play a part in moving forward. Mural Fest is a catalyst in the development of a more unified, safer, beautiful city."



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