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Mysterious Inner Worlds at The UNM Museum of Art

Mysterious Inner Worlds

The University of New Mexico Art Museum provides free admission & has some pretty fantastic exhibits. One that ended recently was called Mysterious Inner Worlds, a solo exhibition featuring Anila Quayyum Agha. Very fortunately, I was able to see it before the show moved on...

One of her large-scale images is above, & more images below, including a few wall-mounted pieces from the exhibition.

About the artist: Agha combines forms from Islamic architecture with her own concepts about patterns of sacred & worldly spaces. Her work ranges in scale from monumental installations to intricate embroidered drawings. She is inspired by her personal experiences as a woman & an immigrant from Pakistan, arriving in the US just before September 2001, as well as her concerns about the environment.

Thx for getting this far. See you next month.

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