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Architecture Spotlight: Historic Silver Hills Hipped Cottage

The historic Silver Hills Neighborhood sits just south of the University of New Mexico, between UNM and Central NM Community College (CNM). First image above is a fantastic specimen of a Hipped Cottage there, across from the eastern edge of the CNM Main Campus, few blocks south of Silver Ave. Hipped Cottages have all sides sloping downwards to the walls, with no gables present; the square hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. The example also has two dormers, which are akin to early skylights, as they provide light and ventilation. I represented clients who sold the home to CNM (before image, above); the community college transformed it, keeping the classic cottage elements but replacing old single pane windows & recreating the entry arch, along with other important updates (after photo, above). Im glad to see that the CNM kept the classic Hipped Cottage design, as the building compliments the neighborhood nicely.


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