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Nob Hill Happenings: World Fractal Headquarters

This is an amazingly detailed fractal, seen in the courtyard from the Richmond Drive side of Monte Vista Elementary. (When school is out…) Stand directly below it and gaze upwards. Imagine creating that as a 6-9 year old!

The Nob Hill Neighborhood is home to the, which from the website, uses the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in Science, Math and Art. Their goal is to make Albuquerque the Fractal Capital of the World!

The Foundation, located in the Monte Vista & College View Historic District, is getting help from some clearly very talented Fractal Artists from elementary schools around the MetroABQ, including Monte Vista Elementary here in Nob Hill. Stop by, see them up close…gaze at and become lost in the student-created fractals that adorn the school.

While there, enjoy the classically dramatic Mediterranean Revival architecture of Monte Vista Elementary School, opened as a school in 1931. I love how the stunning new fractal images, created by some of the schools budding young artists and future mathematicians, meld so well with the historic 85-year-old building…another reason to love Nob Hill!

Fractals are everywhere! The more one looks around, the more there are. Below is a simple aloe plant/fractal (from the Web…mine is not as nice as that). Both images above can easily be seen from Campus Blvd, on the north/east side of the school.

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