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Nob Hill Neighborhoods Newsletter -- Fall '18

The Nob Hill neighborhood is 100+ years old & is evolving beautifully into the next 100 years. It began as barren high mesa land up the hill from the first MetroABQ 'suburb,' the Huning Highlands, which sits just west of I-25. Heading east from there along Rt 66--Central Avenue--you pass through the University of New Mexico Neighborhoods area. The Nob Hill Neighborhoods begin just after that.

Of the architectural styles then--the area was platted in 1916--many have survived to today. They were the ala mode styles back then--Bungalows, Spanish Pueblo Revival, SW Vernacular, Mediterranean, Territorial Revival, Streamlined Moderne, Mid-Century Modern & Ranch Style. Another more contemporary style that has taken root could be added to the list: Modern Architecture. Nob Hill has some nice examples of those, too.

The newsletter created by the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association (NHNA) comes out in the fall & spring. It provides local news from the board about zoning, adding neighborhood improvements like small greenspaces (corner of Marquette, Purdue & Amherst, hopefully...), along with updates about Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART), architecture walking tours, info about the free tree giveaway, letters from the County Commissioner, etc; it's chock full.

Nob Hill Neighborhood Newsletter -- Fall '18

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