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Outdoor Seating: Old Town's New Sawmill Market

It was about time for a visit to the Sawmill Market, made especially important during the pandemic.

My friend Mary was ready to hang out again publicly, facemask-to-facemask, with a few minor conditions:

1. It had to have plenty of wide open outdoor space; 2. No waitperson was to stop by the table; 3. There had to be a nice variety of foods & interesting things to see.

Which brought us to the Sawmill Market--it checked all the boxes.

There are outdoor patio spaces surrounding the market, with inside seating for those brave enough. We found an entire covered outdoor section that was deserted, which was great. We ordered, got notified via pocket buzzer when it was ready, then we picked it up & brought it back to our private (for the moment) patio. It was a great way to catch up with Mary-Elizabeth, & the lunch was pretty tasty too...

From their website:



Sawmill Market is an exciting new development in Old Town Albuquerque. Following in the style of Napas Oxbow Market, San Franciscos Ferry Market, and the Boston City Market, this new marketplace will feature New Mexico culinary experiences, farmers, food artisans, craftsmen, and artists.