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Quirky Public Art Around The MetroABQ

Sometimes quirky art is what is needed. Meeting clients for the first time in Quiqley Park in the NE Height's Mossman neighborhood, the quirky abstract artwork nearby added nicely to the conversations. Sumer Figure No 24 stands fifteen feet tall & has a lot to offer. A silhouette image.

Another park with quirky artwork in the middle is Alamosa Park in the South Valley. Just north east from the corner of Bridge & Coors Blvds in the park, the sculpture, "Stair Chair", below, by artist David Wagner, was installed in 2013. It seems to be an amalgamation of different concepts to me, presented abstractly. That is why art appeals to so many different people, who see different things in the work. The chair does act as a chair, or southwestern banco, on both sides.

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