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(Some pretty amazing) Rio Rancho Public Art Part II

Flood Wall Middle West 1

Flood Wall North West

Rio Rancho in 2012 integrated art into the construction of a flood wall that was built for erosion control along Unser Boulevard, a main corridor into Rio Rancho from Albuquerque. To spruce up the otherwise dull & utilitarian structure, three 11-foot-tall monuments were built and embellished with colorful, weather-resistant murals featuring the areas plants and animals.”

Erica Hoverter is the artist behind the 2-sided tile mosaics seen here and the previous pages. They sit across Unser Blvd from the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center–the designs are worth the trek across an arroyo from a stripmall parking lot.

Flood Wall Mural North East

Mariposa, a semi-recent community in the NW quadrant of Rio Rancho, has an example of Public/Private art. The piece sits on private land at the entrance to the Mariposa community off Unser Blvd, but is easily accessible to the public. The two images of the sculpture, below, are representations of the wings of a butterfly–mariposa in Spanish–was designed by the same artist who created the trademark blue grama grass sculpture at High Desert.

Mariposa Art

Mariposa Artwork

an abstract

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