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The Mauger Mansion B&B From Above

Mauger B and B Facade

Mauger B&B Facade

Mauger B&B Parking & Dog Room Courtyard

Mauger B&B Parking & Dog Room Courtyard

I’m excited to use the latest technology to better understand a property For Sale. The Mauger Mansion B&B, a pristine Queen Anne Victorian, is one of the historic 4th Ward‘s most iconic properties. It straddles the border between the historic district to the west and Downtown offices to the east. Above and below are images I had created from a Drone Flyby. It shows the front balcony and gable detail of top image, and the back courtyard and off-street parking next. I also had the Drone pan out to show the entire 4th Ward Neighborhood, some images below. The MetroABQ from above is amazing…

Downtown 7th & Roma East from Mauger B&B

Downtown 7th & Roma East from The Mauger MB&B

Above you are facing north, with the Sandia Mountain chain to the east. The Courthouse District, including the contemporary Art Deco-styled Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse, top middle, and the 2nd Judicial District Court, top far right with blue roof, sits along Lomas Blvd. A great aerial of Lew Wallace Elementary School is in the foreground.

3-D Virtual Walking Tour

Click on the logo above to view the Mauger B&B 3-D Virtual Walking Tour

Below, you are facing the east, directly toward the Sandia Mountains. The middle top of the image has Roma Avenue pointing toward Tijeras Canyon, the canyon that connects the MetroABQ foothills with the East Mountain Communities. There is a good facade of the 2nd Judicial District Courthouse, top right of the image, with the blue roof.

Downtown Facing East from Mauger B&B

Downtown Facing East from Mauger B&B

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