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The Next Fifty--The Historic La Luz Community Celebrates Half A Century!

Nestled along the Rio Grande Bosque on the MetroABQ's westside sits a community that is a living study of New Urbanist theory. For 50 years, the La Luz community has been celebrating "environmentally friendly habits by creating walkable neighborhoods containing a wide range of housing" types. The 96 townhome community is now looking toward the next fifty years of life. Designed in 1968 by renowned architect Antoine Predock (see the Rio Grande Nature Center in the North Valley, the Aperture Center in Mesa del Sol & hundreds of other lifetime projects), the neighborhood, riverside near Montao & Coors Blvd, threw a party commemorating the last fifty & celebrating the next fifty.  I was lucky to be at the event, in The Meadow gathering space, seen above & the two images far below. Just below is an image facing the other direction, toward a row of residences on Tennis Court NW...


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