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The Scene Inside El Torreón at the National Hispanic Cultural Center

Inside Èl Torreón at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC).

The docent tour-guide was super friendly & very well-informed; she encouraged folks in the small group to ask questions & wander around, exploring the different scenes. There was a great booklet near the Torreón entry that displayed & described each of the fresco images; the booklet provides some great insights into the artist's thoughts.

Because of the rounded, concave shape of the Torreón, the images appear different from different places, sometimes interestingly elongated or foreshortened.

At 45 feet high, there's a lot to see before your eyes make their way up to the ceiling fresco. Below is the continuous world-spanning four-seasons/phases of the moon fresco, surrounding a bright oculus.

With all the layers of detail, it's clear why it took the artist close to a decade to complete the project.

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