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Two Offerings Unique to the MetroABQ (reprint)

Just east of the West Side Cottonwood Mall shopping district, across the Rio Grande, is an amazing jumping off point for the miles of trails & bike paths along the river and beyond. You can go from the stop-and-go streetlight congestion around the Mall area, to the serene Rio Grande Bosque trails within seconds after crossing over the Alameda Bridge.

Bachechi & Alameda Rio Grande Open Spaces

Combined, these two MetroABQ spaces cover 35 acres along Rio Grande Blvd. at Alameda Rd., which seamlessly connects to the Rio Grande Bosque State Park system. These riverside trails, paved or more rustic at the riverside, allow you to bike or walk the full length of the river north and south with various access points along the way, like the Rio Grande Nature Center, Montano Bridge, I-40 Bridge, Central Avenue, etc.

From the Alameda Open Space, you can walk north under the Alameda Bridge and use a pedestrian/equestrian walkway to cross the Rio Grande, emerging in the Cottonwood area on the citys West side.

Above is the expanded wetlands in the Bachechi Open Space. This pond is surrounded by protective dense vegetation; you are able to view the wildlife from the east side boardwalks, or from a Viewing Hutch. The property wasnt always so pristine. The City of Albuquerque had to remove contaminated soil from underground storage tanks that contained naphthalene (Coal Tar), which leaked on the property. What you see here is the fantastic result of the cleanup.

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