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Ventana Ranch Parks & Greenspaces Spotlight: Briar Patch Park

Briar Patch Park is a two-acre park in the South West corner of Ventana Ranch, one of seven large parks that dot the substantial community. 

With almost 25,000 homes, housing 70,000 people living in the Ventana Ranch community, the greenspaces & parks create inner & outer walking & biking rings, connecting all areas of the suburb. From there, the 400+ miles of MetroABQ Bike Paths can be accessed on the outer spokes of Ventana Ranch. Above is a path that continues from the eastern corner of Briar Patch Park, & follows an arroyo to Country Hills Park, another Ventana Ranch park, located on the eastern edge of the community.

Below is the Paseo del Norte West bike path, facing east, a path connecting the Las Casitas neighborhood to the Paseo del Norte West path.

Below is an entrance to the Paseo del Norte West Bike path, which helps connect the seven Ventana Ranch Parks to each other, & connects Ventana Ranch to the greater MetroABQ 400+ miles of bike & walking paths.

Click on the image below to see an example of a home near the Briar Patch Park, in the Ventana Ranch neighborhood of La Casitas

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