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Wednesdays Bite! Evening (Food Truck) Gatherings in Netherwood Park

Netherwood Park's Dinner in the (Netherwood) Park

Wednesdays Bite! is Netherwood Park's weekly gathering of neighbors & a great dinner-time destination for anyone else. The little cousin to Tasty Tuesdays, Wednesdays Bite has a few food trucks, some music & maybe 100 folks sitting in the abundant shade relaxing Wednesdays after 5p. It's a decidedly low-key gathering; the food is fresh & fun, & the park itself is pretty amazing, image above. Some scenes of the evening...

Netherwood Park, tucked discreetly north of Indian School & Girard Blvd, is a pocket neighborhood you may never have noticed. Discover it now: the park is 5.3 acres, so pretty large by UrbanABQ standards, & it sits on a hillside with acres of grass & trees along the edge. Laying in the cool grass after the food truck dinner experience, I realized that in the general serenity of the park, the city of ~750,000+/- residents spreads out & Netherwood Park is practically in the middle of it all.

If you haven't seen the park, it's a great place to know & explore...






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