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What Is American Queen Anne Revival Style?


Queen Anne reigned only from 1702-1714, but during her time the architectural style was that of elegant decoration. Fast forward to the United States, to the Queen Anne Revival Victorian architecture period between the 1880’s to around 1910. Some Queen Anne elements, like a wraparound front porch, continued into the 1920’s, especially prominent in the MetroABQ area. Other Queen Anne touches include the protruding front Balcony and decorative front Gable, both seen on the images to the right. Pilasters are another feature–the Mauger Mansion has numerous pilasters on the front porch. A pilaster is a slightly projecting column–often half-round and built into the face of a wall, like in the image below. You can also see Polychrome architectural elements in the same photo, which is another important Queen Anne feature. Notice on the first page and this one the colors used on the trim, pilasters, gable and porch railings. I love the polychrome elements of the yellow accents on the supports (below, right) and the decorative clover design and arched trim on the top of each column.




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