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Where Are Evergreen Hills & Tierra Monte?

Where are these tiny mountain enclaves? The scenic way to get to Tierra Monte & Evergreen Hills is to start on Tramway Blvd. Tramway is the easternmost (road) arterial in Albuquerque proper, running north & south along the length of the Sandia Mountain Foothills. Numerous neighborhoods dot the Foothills, starting at the Four Hills Community in the south. As you head north along Tramway, you pass other prominent Foothills neighborhoods like Supper Rock, Embudo Canyon, Kachina Hills, Glenwood Hills, High Desert & the neighborhoods that make up Sandia Heights.

Right around then you'll pass signs for the Sandia Peak Tram. Continuing north the houses seem to recede back toward the mountains & mostly disappear, & you are suddenly surrounded by Open Space. Keep going.

Up until then Tramway Blvd had been straight for nine miles, with panoramic across-city views looking west toward the mesa & volcanoes. When the boulevard starts to curve west, it becomes Tramway Road, & heads west toward the Pueblo of Sandia. The twisting & winding route to the communities, NM 333, is on the right, heading north into foothills.

Between Tierra Monte & Evergreen Hills, you will come across the Juan Tabo Picnic area--a very cool stone house with 90 year old stone benches lives along the small loop road. They are worth a stop.

Far below is an image of Evergreen Hills from the road driving in...See map directly below.