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Where in the MetroABQ are you? Vista del Norte NE

Welcome to Vista del Norte NE!

Our unique city has unique neighborhoods, of course: dozens of nook & cranny areas that might be missed unless you know where to turn. Pocket neighborhoods may only have a few ways in or out, or may share elements like common architectural styles, age or location. Examples can be found on Manzano Court, in La Luz del Oeste, around Netherwood Park, the Spruce Park neighborhood, La Sala Grande in the NE Heights, & Silver Hills south of the UNM Campus.

Limited-access communities are larger developments with minimal ways to enter & exit. They can be hidden behind an unassuming stoplight that you drive right past. Below are two limited-access communities that if you miss the turn, you miss some incredible views, newer homes of all sizes, parks, trails & greenspaces, & some unique places to live.

Driving on Osuna Blvd, Vista del Norte is easy to miss: coming from the North Valley past small commercial strips, if you pass through the stoplight, you'll miss the limited-access community with almost 4000 people sitting on 350+ acres. Above is an aerial of the Vista del Norte Alliance community, outlined in blue. Directly south & attached is the Vista del Norte Park & east of the community is the North Channel Bike Path, which runs from the UNM Campus all the way to the northern reaches of the city past Alameda Blvd.

Above are the road & walking path entrances to the Vista del Norte Alliance neighborhood; Las Lomitas Drive is the northern entrance & can be accessed from the North Valley.

What makes Vista del Norte unique is that the homes were built this century & there are numerous parks & greenspaces & walking paths, along with soccer fields, tennis courts & playgrounds for the kids. It feels suburban & it is, with winding avenues & middle-parkway greenspaces; yet it's in the middle of a lot of great MetroABQ features: Balloon Fiesta Park, North Valley parks greenspaces & the Rio Grande; the 100's of shops & restaurants along Paseo del Norte & the Journal Center; The Sandia Mountain & Foothills, & bike paths & walking trails that connect into the 50+ mile city-wide loop system encircling the Metro, with over 400 biking route miles in the city.



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