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Who Doesn't Love Fractals?

Who doesn't love fractals?

The mesmerizing geometric designs are organic & flashy & remind of imagined scenes from space. There's an exorbitant amount of scientific knowledge that goes into conceptualizing these fractal shapes & their relationship to the cosmos--just ask the 300 students who submitted entries for the Fractal Challenge...

Is the universe actually a fractal?" is a recent article found at It gets scientifically heavy pretty fast--dark matter, an accelerating universe & String Theory is a lot to grasp. The images though, are magnificent. Also, the concept that the universe is an ever-unfolding & never-ending pattern activates the mind. Considering educational events like the Fractal Challenge, it's assured that this generation of student scientists will continue to figure it all out for the rest of us...

Below is a cool cropped fractal image of the cosmic web, from the article.

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