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Why I love the MetroABQ

The Metro has these types of homes--check out the Huning Highlands and 4th Ward Historic neighborhoods...

My childhood home in Saratoga Springs, NY. The Metro has these types of early 1900’s homes–check out the Huning Highlands and 4th Ward Historic neighborhoods…There is a wonderful ‘Folk Victorian’ property in the Silver Hill Historic Neighborhood–a gorgeous three-story home in a neighborhood with some pretty impressive bungalows, territorial-style and pueblo revival properties.

Welcome to my little corner of Albuquerque, the greatest place to live in the whole Southwest! With the best weather, incredible scenery & location, numerous booming economies and tons of wonderful things to see and do, its no wonder people absolutely love it in the MetroABQ. I’ve lived here for over 25 years and can’t imagine living anyplace else.

As a child, my father bought and fixed up properties, then rented them out. An early memory is holding drywall along a stairwell as my father hammered the nails, then taped the seamsit was our house in Upstate NY: a 3-story 1870s Tudor-style Queen Anne Victorian with a round tower on one side. It had been used as a Skidmore College freshman dormitory; my father bought it and moved our family of six there in the 70s. Ive marveled at unique and interesting places ever since.

Moving to Albuquerque after college, Ive lived in all quadrants of the MetroABQ, often zig & zagging through neighborhoods just to see what can be seen. I became a realtor over a decade ago to continue doing what I enjoy.

I am a dedicated seven-days-a-week real estate professional in the top 5% of MetroABQ Realtors–I know and love the greater MetroABQ area. My office is located in Nob Hill near the Big I-close enough to be anywhere in the city within minutes. I continually seek out the hidden gems in all areas of the city for my buyers, and I am a tireless promoter of all my listings.

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