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Plaza to Plaza: A Civic Plaza to Old Town Plaza Walking Tour Part II

You are here:From Civic Plaza in the lower right, head west away from the tall urban buildings & you'll quickly find yourself in a transitional area along Roma Ave--mostly offices, but becoming more residential the more you walk west. Quickly you come across an interesting circular Modernist office building sitting discreetly north of Roma between 5th & 6th Sts, below.

Further west on Roma, is the nicely architecturally detailed Lew Wallace Elementary School, built in 1934. It was designed by architect Louis Hesselden, also known for designing the Nob Hill Business Center.

Just on the west side of the school is the 125+ year old Mauger Estate, below, a stunning Queen Ann Victorian, originally a residence, focusing now on shorter-term accomodations. At last visit, the inside was just as fabulous as the exterior.

Leaving the main tour for a minute: Cutting north one block at 8th St brings me into the historic Fourth Ward, to the Fruit Ave Sidewalk Gallery--an example is above--created by local sculpturalist Joe Forrest Sackett. His sidewalk pieces are for sale & I love seeing a new one appear in the neighborhood, as more of Sackett's sculptures find their way into front yards...More about the Fruit Ave Sidewalk Gallery here...

Further along Fruit Ave, below, at the corner of Luna, sits a fantastic SW Pueblo Vernacular-style home, with Mission Revival features like the porthole/Mission bell space in front & the wavy parapets. Taking a left/south onto Luna Blvd brings you to a great area of numerous historic bungalows on Marquette Ave.

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