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Tasty Tuesdays at Hyder Park in the SE Heights

Tasty Tuesdays is fantastic! It's an evening summer gathering in Hyder Park--adjacent to Bandelier Elementary School--on Tuesdays of course, generally to eat dinner & listen to music on the grass in the shade of 75 year old trees. One Tasty Tuesday this month seemed to draw probably 750-1000 folks. There was a band, folks dancing in front & others playing frisbee, seven or eight food trucks & food stalls lining the packed roadway, a large group on the hill began in unison their hands to their chests in the Ashtanga Yoga class that began at 6p. Many families with children & other groups spread out across the north-western section of the park facing the musicians. It's a mid-week festival. The organizers of Tasty Tuesdays started in 2012 with one food truck & a dream...& it's grown immensely since. The park is over 4 acres, so plenty of room for all.

The food trucks are a huge draw & were very busy the whole time. There's a variety of offerings from them, from appetizers to deserts, crepes to smoking barbeque trucks. Bring your own drinks--there's a lot of patrons & sometimes the vendors run out of waters, so again, bring your own beverages...many folks had opaque water bottles with water & other beverages. The weather was warm, nice in the copious shade, the dinner was great, the scene was very entertaining & I can't wait for next Tuesday...

More Evening-Gatherings-In-The-Park can be found in Netherwood & Roosevelt Parks.


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